Necromancer / Deflagrator - Terror Grave Emanations / Curse of Mortality CD

Deflagrator from Italy plays Black Metal in a traditional obscure and aggressive mayhemic way like few bands now unleash in their songs, technical yes brutal and dark riffs and great drum work, this is their early release, but surely will be not forgotten by those who worship the old school of this gender! Great artwork made by Robeto Toderico (Italy) Necromancer deserves all the recognition, for making what Sepultura forgot to do since te times of their “Bestial Devastation”.. this is nos a riff clone band, but a band who had the skill to capture the escence and black magic that such a band had in their very early stage, without causing the feeling of being a rip off band, this is a must for all into very early Sepultura stage and all into the old Brasilian Black Thrash stuff! Very obscure artwork made by Alan “Corpse” Perez (Peru)
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